Kiva West Duplicate Bridge at Sun City West
Easley Blackwood      Sam Stayman      Oswald Jacoby      John Gerber
Gen Approach   NT Responses   Intruding to NT   Ace Ask Bids
2 over 1   Stayman   Hamilton/Cappelletti   Blackwood
Std Amer   Jacoby Transfers   D.O.N.T.   1430/RKC
Montreal Relays   4 way transfers   HELLO   Gerber
Precision   Minor Suit Stayman   Woolsey   Exclusion Blackwood
  Puppet Stayman   Brozel   Minorwood
  Texas Transfers     Redwood/Kickback
Smolen Grand Slam Force
Void response to 1430,etc
Two Suited Bids   Doubles   Carding/Leads   Resp to Major Open
Unusual No Trump   Negative   Coded 9s & 10s   Bergen Raises
Michaels Cue Bid   Responsive   Lavinthal Discards   Jacoby 2 NT
Top & Bottom Cue Bid   Maximal   Odd/Even Discards   Jordan
Sandwich No Trumpr   Support   Smith Echo   Splinter Bids
Leaping Michaels   Lightner   Trump Suit Preference   Drury
Flannery   Rosenkratz   Upside Down Signals   Hardy Raises
    Other Special Bids
Criss Cross Raises   Negative Free Bids   Flip Flop Minor Suit Raises   New Minor Forcing
Fourth Suit Forcing   Ogust   Help Suit Game Tries   2 way New Minor Forcing
Impossible 2 Spade Bid   Walsh Diamond Response   Ingberman   Weak Jump Shifts
Kokish Relays   Western Cue Bid   McCabe Adjunct   Wolff Sign Off
NAMYATS   XYZ   Lebensohl
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