Kiva West Duplicate Bridge at Sun City West
Kiva Bylaws, Rules, and Policies

Click on any of the following links to see Rules and Laws governing the Kiva West Bridge Club :
Proposed Bylaws & RRPs for Kiva West Duplicate Bridge Association
Kiva Bylaws                    Kiva Rules
ACBL General Convention Chart
Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Charter Clubs of Sun City West
ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge (2017 Revision)
Summary of 2017 ACBL Rule Changes
Comparable Call Guidelines
Rulings FAQ
In addition the following policies are followed :
Players in wheelchairs, any player over 90, or other players with a note from their physician, may request to be seated north/south. These players must call Kiva (623-544-6529) at least 75 minutes prior to game time. After all call-ins are assigned then tables are available on a first come first serve basis.

Please do NOT wear strong fragrances. Many of our members have allergies.
Turn off cell phones prior to start of play.
If you are expecting a very important call, notify the director and he/she will suggest a solution.
While cell phones are expected to be turned off, it is understood that we all make mistakes. A single occurrence of a cell phone ringing will be tolerated. Multiple occurrences may result in penalties. Cell phones left in an unattended purse can create a serious disturbance.

Remember the director is there to help resolve irregularities, NOT TO PUNISH anyone.
Respect the director, your opponents, and your partner.